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Uruguayan Pharmacists Say No To Marijuana

In December 2013, Uruguay became the first country to legalize cannabis for recreational use.[1] This movement was supported by former President José Pepe Mujica in an effort to regularize “a clandestine market.”[2] Mujica argued that legalization “is a measure against…drug [dealers].” “We are trying to snatch the market away from them,” he stated in a 2014 interview with CNN.[3] By working to take the marijuana market out of the hands of illegal dealers and placing it in the hands of private companies and individual growers—who are selected and monitored by the government—Uruguay has set a truly progressive plan into motion. In 2014, COHA published an article detailing the implications of Uruguay’s marijuana legalization and its effect on the War on Drugs. Two years later, Uruguay and its pioneering cannabis legislation are in the news again as pharmacists voice their opposition to selling marijuana.

Under Law 19.172, Uruguayans aged 18 and...

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