People Spend As Much On Legal Weed As They Do On Alcohol

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The legal weed industry is dominated by men.

Consumers are reaching for cannabis nearly as often as they are for a can of beer, a new report has found.

The typical male customer spends about $647 annually on marijuana products, while female consumers drop about $634 each year on weed, MarketWatch reported. That’s compared to an average of $645 a year on alcohol and $1,000 a year on coffee, according to a survey from Headset, which tracks weed transactions.

Perhaps surprisingly, the average age of people who are loyalty members at their local dispensary is 37.6, and 5% even fell between the ages of 65 to 95. Headset’s report surveyed 40,000 dispensary customers in Washington.

Recreational marijuana use is legal in Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Alaska and the District of Columbia, while weed is legal for medical purposes in 25 states. As more states legalize weed for recreational uses,...

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