Swedish Cannabis Cultivation Hits a High

Cannabis cultivation in Sweden has increased exponentially in recent years, to the degree that some parts of the country are now becoming self-sufficient, according to a report from radio station P1.

While in the past, Sweden imported the majority of the cannabis sold in the country from places like Afghanistan and Morocco, in recent years there has been a shift.

According to P1, the growth in home cultivation of the drug has made some parts of Sweden self-sufficient, and provided competition for imported Moroccan hashish in particular.

Figures cited in the programme show that the number of Swedish police reports on drug production in the country has quadrupled from 200 in 2008, to 800 in 2015.

The amount of cannabis being investigated in Swedish police laboratories has also increased, up to 954kg from 280kg in the same time period.

“It has happened across several years, and it isn’t...

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