Snoop Dogg Loses on Family Feud Topic About Marijuana

For those who have followed the music career of Snoop Dogg, it is no secret that marijuana appears to be his area of expertise.

That expertise was thrust into the spotlight on a celebrity episode of Family Feud, as the rapper faced off against boxing legend “Sugar” Ray Leonard. Of course, the topic for this round was “Name something grandma might do if she caught grandpa smoking marijuana.” Something like this should allow Snoop a grand opportunity for his team to move ahead right? Not so fast.

Snoop showed some rare quick reflexes, as the word “marijuana” barely left host Steve Harvey’s mouth before he buzzed in. Not too shabby against a legend who was famed for having the quickest set of hands. His lower ranked response to “put hands on him” wasn’t quite up to snuff. With a marijuana-centric image that Snoop built his career on, one might think that he...

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