Medical Marijuana Legalization: More Taxpayer Benefit

Add Medicare Savings to the List …

This website has been unflinching over the years in its support of legalizing marijuana – both medically and recreationally (here in South Carolina and beyond).

Our main argument?  Legalizing marijuana (and other drugs) is a liberty issue.  As long as you aren’t imposing on the liberties of others, government has no businesses telling you what you can or cannot do in the privacy of your own home.

Let alone busting down the door and shooting you …

This is also a taxpayer issue, though.  More than $1 trillion has been spent on drug prohibition over the last four-and-a-half decades … and for what?

Government’s efforts have categorically failed.  That $1 trillion might as well have been flushed down the toilet, along with the $40-50 billion federal, state and local governments spend each year continuing to enforce this senseless prohibition.


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