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Marijuana Can Be Sold at Uruguay Pharmacies, but Few Want To

Rossana Rilla could sell marijuana under Uruguay’s pioneering law that lets pharmacies distribute pot. But she says there is no way she will.

In her 28 years as a pharmacist, she has been beaten, dragged across the floor and threatened by thieves at gunpoint and with a grenade. She fears that selling marijuana would only make her store a bigger target for robbers and burglars.

“You see their faces and you can tell right away that they are not consumers who are here just to buy” marijuana, Rilla said about the “suspicious people” who have recently been coming into her Montevideo pharmacy asking if she sells pot.

She isn’t alone in avoiding the government’s marijuana program. Most of the country’s pharmacists haven’t signed on, citing security concerns and complaining of paperwork, cost increases or opposition from customers to selling legalized pot.

Uruguay legalized the cultivation and sale of marijuana in...

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