How Cannabis Has Given An Ontario Boy A 'New Lease On Life'

It's a remarkable transformation. Even a shocking one. 

Especially considering the unlikely remedy. 

Six-year-old Tyler used to be tormented by hundreds of painful seizures a day. Which would leave him absolutely exhausted at bedtime. 

Even so, his doting mother would still have to pin him down to his mattress until he fell asleep. Otherwise, his small, frail body would continue to thrash about, robbing him of any rest and respite.

"Now he sleeps through the night, because he's having far fewer seizures," says single mother, Angele Vanier, 32. "It's amazing how much progress he's made over the past several months. He has a new lease on life."

Tyler is one of Canada's youngest medical marijuana patients. He suffers from cerebral palsy. And he has a seizure disorder called Lennox Gastaut syndrome. This debilitating paediatric form of epilepsy typically worsens as a child ages and can even become life-threatening.


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