Bud Business Is Booming in Alberta

It’s totally unexpected. Alberta’s struggling economy is about to be lifted up by marijuana. For years, medical marijuana in Canada has been a dicey issue, with recreational use outlawed and medical use closely monitored. But, Alberta’s only industrial-scale grower of medical marijuana, Aurora Cannabis, has just gotten the green light. And, it’s noticed business is booming. The company has over 2,000 customers.  

Before that, Aurora waited for the issuance of a sales license from Health Canada. It wasn’t forthcoming until its crops had undergone extensive lab testing for quality control. It had to be done by independent, licensed, third parties. 

A spokesperson and senior executive for the company, Neil Belot, admits the 2,000-patients milestone isn’t a large client base. But, it proves a fast-growing business. This, considering it took three months to get the first 1,000 clients. 

Belot attributes this ramp-up in sales to the impact of word-of-mouth advertising from...

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