Danes Want Legal Cannabis, but Govt Vows Crackdown

A majority of Danes support legalizing cannabis at the same time the government is preparing new hardline initatives. 

Amidst a new debate on cannabis, spurred by a massive police action at Christiania, a majority of Danes are in favour of legalization. 

Berlingske newspaper published a Gallup poll on Monday showing that 45 percent of Danes think it should be legal to use cannabis, while 41 percent think it should continue to be forbidden. 

Additionally, a full 88 percent of respondents supported legalizing cannabis for medical use and of those who support legalization, 72 percent said the state should control the sales. 

The poll results come after police have cleared Christiania’s open-air cannabis market, Pusher Street, three times since June 17th. Each time, stalls are rebuilt and sales continue after officers leave the area. 

A number of prominent law enforcement officials have also spoken out in recent days about the...

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