A Busy Week in Canadian Cannabis News

Toronto begins to look at dispensary regulations, US FDA learns about the MMPR, Canadian researchers in Poland, a possible task force announcement and more.

It’s a big week for those focussed on cannabis and cannabis policy in Canada. Several meetings and expected announcements, as well as one possible discussion are lined up for this last week in June.

In addition to an expected announcement soon* from the government on their marijuana legalization task force, Toronto will be taking the next step in a long process of looking at dispensary regulations, Canadian researchers will be giving presentations in Poland, a Health Canada representative will be speaking to the US FDA about the MMPR, Vancouver will continue their dispensary licensing process with more injunctions, and there is a slight possibility that the topic will come up at the “Three Amigos” meeting this Wednesday in Ottawa, where Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will host U.S. President Barack...

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