Trump Tuesday: The Trump Parody Video Going Viral in Japan

The L.A.-based creator of the "Trump For World President" video tells us those who get the joke are the ones he made it for, and those who don't are even more amusing.

TOKYO—Japan loves Donald Trump—so much it wants to hug and kiss him—at least that’s the impression you might get from the Japan Supports Donald Trump For World President 2016 Banzai! video that has now been seen over 14 million times on Facebook and 3 million times on YouTube. 

It’s a masterpiece that looks as if it were created by Japan’s best advertising agency Dentsu (the one embroiled in a scandal over bribery and the 2020 Tokyo Olympics), but it’s actually a parody: a hilarious riff on Trump’s campaign and Japanese advertising. 

The creator, Mike Dahlquist, better known as Mike Diva, is an American video director, special effects artist, musician and YouTube personality. He spent $1,000 and a month of...

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