Libertarian Gary Johnson Explains Why He Supports Legal Pot

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International Business Times sat down with former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson, the Libertarian party's nominee for president, to hear about his stance on legalizing marijuana. Only four states and Washington, D.C. have legalized recreational marijuana. 

See the video and below for Johnson's thoughts.

Johnson: I am the highest-ranking official in the United States to call for the legalization of marijuana. Now, Bernie Sanders is in office, so I did this in office. Bernie Sanders has also come out in favor of marijuana — I'm glad that he's done that, but I've been there since 1999, Bernie recently. Again, [I'm] very grateful for Bernie and him adding his voice to this, but, yes, we should legalize marijuana.

A couple of things about legalizing marijuana. Marijuana products, from a medicinal standpoint, directly compete with legal prescription drugs that kill 100,000 people a year. There has...

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