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Mexico Senate approves medical use of marijuana

MEXICO CITY  - Mexico's Senate approved the report of a bill proposed by President Enrique Peña, but refused to raise the amount consumers are allowed to carry from 5 to 28 grams.

The proposed law has the objective to leave behind the war on drugs and punitive prohibitionism, and was approved at a special session of the joined committees: Health, Human Rights, Interior and Legislative Studies of the Senate.

The legislative opinion "decriminalized planting, growing and harvesting marijuana in national territory, when used for medicinal and scientific purposes, to which Mexico has its own controlled industry for this substance."

The document approved on committees of the Senate, must be submitted to the full Senate and contains amendments to the General Health Act to provide that "the medicinal use of marijuana refers to the production, importation, and use cannabis drugs from some components, not to smoking marijuana. "

To change the prohibitionist approach, the opinion...

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