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California Marijuana Company Ships Cannabis-Derived Product to the UK

A cannabis producing and processing company based in California has been selling and shipping a range of their products to UK customers. They also ship to other countries where the import and export of the cannabis flower is illegal, such as Brazil, Spain and Germany. This is the first time a cannabis-derived product has been shipped on an international scale, and the products have been reaching UK customers with no problem – but before you start to fret, everything is completely legal.

The products that Blue River Extracts sell are cannabis-derived extracts of terpenes. This means they contain no THC, CBD or other independently psychoactive chemicals that are specifically targeted by legislation in the UK. Terpenes are essentially the molecules that produce the unique flavour and smell of any given strain of cannabis, and don't have any significant effects when consumed alone. But when combined with cannabis or hash, they...

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