51 Things You Never Knew About Hemp

The world has had a long and complicated relationship with hemp.

It wasn’t until the twentieth century that hemp fell out of favor as one of the most important crops in the history of mankind. In 2016, however, anything is possible it seems.

So, it could be very soon where a variety of applications using hemp become economical, and hemp grows into a boon for society.

What was once a widespread plant became a taboo within decades. Its history shows it is useful for tens of thousands of applications and counting. 

So, in honor of Hemp History Week, which takes place from June 6-12, MERRY JANE put together a list of the 50 things you need to know about hemp: 

  1. 150 million years ago, after the Big Bang, plants began to grow amongst dinosaurs. (Alternative version: God invents the world plants, including hemp and hundreds of thousands of others plants)
  2. The hemp plant grows from
  3. ...
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