Stricter Medical Marijuana Programs in States That Legalize by Legislative Action

Paths toward medical marijuana: Legislative action versus voter initiative

Of 25 states that have legalized medical marijuana in the United States, 14 of them have done so by legislative action and 11 have done so by voter-led ballot initiative.

In a new analysis of state medical cannabis program data, New Frontier, a leading cannabis industry data and analysis company, finds states that legalized through the legislative process have more restrictive medical cannabis programs than states that legalized through voter-led ballot initiatives.

Aside from Hawaii and New Mexico, all of the states that have legalized medical marijuana through the legislature are in the eastern half of the country, which suggests “more receptivity to legislative legalization in eastern states,” according to New Frontier’s report.

States like Illinois and New York, which took the legislative path to medical cannabis legalization, have some of the strictest programs in the country....

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