In Countries Where Weed Is Legal, This Is the Hellscape They've Become

The global conversation on marijuana legalization has reached its highest volume yet. Already, some countries, the United States included, have pioneered past decriminalization and into some form of legalization. Few have fully legalized marijuana — and have yet to transform into total hellscapes from it. 

For countries ready and willing to take on the intimidating task, it can be well worth it. Legalizing marijuana can produce tangible results in the form of economic advancements and social relief.

In countries where marijuana was legalized, economies didn't collapse, and societies didn't break out in wild crime and younger smokers — Uruguay hasn't, nor has Colombia, the United States or the Netherlands. 

The shifting landscape proves that governments and everyday citizens alike are calling into question the so-called war on drugs, which makes way for new policies and reform. "A war that has been fought for more than 40 years has not been won," Colombia's President Juan Manuel Santos...

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