Hysteria over 'High Driving' Is All Half-Baked

Marijuana, by most measures, is not in any way the scourge that alcohol is.

Our own National Post recently scandalized its famously conservative readers with a headline claiming that “about half of Canadians who drive while high insist pot doesn’t impair them.” The article — When is stoned too stoned? — further sensationalized the “crisis” by noting that “nothing would make [20 per cent of those surveyed] stop driving while stoned.”  With the Trudeau government poised to legalize marijuana, it was enough to send neocons into paroxysms of paranoia, our roads sure to be turned into killing fields by the demon killer weed.

It certainly didn’t help matters that CNN Money also ramped up the hype by noting that the number of fatalities involving drivers who had consumed marijuana had doubled since the state of Washington had legalized pot for recreational consumption. About time, then, that many jurisdictions are quickly instituting alcohol-like limits to...

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