Canada: Nine perspectives on the marijuana legalization debate

Everybody seems to be talking about marijuana these days. Impending legalization has prompted a many-faceted debate about how our society should incorporate the greenery, even as dispensaries selling cannabis and related goods are popping up like, well, weeds.

The sprouting conversation involves people with divergent perspectives and interests in the marijuana regime of tomorrow. Let’s listen to some of them.

The angry neighbour

Olga Fowell is upset at the proliferation of pot shops in her neighbourhood.

Olga Fowell is upset at the proliferation of pot shops in her neighbourhood.  (NICK KOZAK/FOR THE TORONTO STAR)  

Olga Fowell doesn’t want to be a buzz kill, but this is just getting ridiculous. The Forest Hill denizen said she’s watched with dismay and disgust as shops selling pot have opened along Eglinton Ave. W.

“This is basically glorified drug dealers with store fronts,” said Fowell, a real

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