Why Belgians Urge You to 'Pull Your Plant'

The Belgian cannabis movement, a small but powerful force, is still recovering from the shock caused by the unexpected death of legalization advocate and long-time resident of the country, Joep Oomen, in March. Oomen was a pivotal figure in the broader European drug reform movement and founded Belgium’s first Cannabis Social Club (CSC). Members gathered at the 11th annual Cannabis Liberation Day in Antwerp last month and considered how Oomen’s legacy will inspire the European legalization movement going forward.

Cannabis Liberation Day, where cannabis can sometimes be smelled but is rarely ever seen, is organized by Belgium's Antwerp-based “Trekt Uw Plant,” the country’s first CSC. The name translates literally as “pull your plant” and figuratively means “make up your own plan.” 

Compared to Spain, where the communal clubs are widespread, the movement in Belgium — one of the smallest countries...

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