Uruguay sharpens details to start selling marijuana in July in 50 pharmacies

However, sales of recreational cannabis in pharmacies is no consensus in the trade sector, such as the Association of Chemistry and Pharmacy of Uruguay (AQFU), which has communicated to its various partners "it is not the place to sell  this drug" in contrast to the provisions of the current law.

Today official sources reported that the Uruguayan government finalized the details to begin the sale of marijuana for recreational use in some 50 pharmacies across the country starting July, following the adoption in 2013 of a law that regulates the production and sale of the grass.

The dispensation in pharmacies is a "third stage" after evaluation of quality and tender awarded to two companies producing up to two tonnes per year each of cannabis for recreational purposes, said Juan Andrés Roballo, prosecretary Uruguayan Presidency and president of the National Drug Board (JND), to the press today.

According to the official, this step "has its...

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