Obama's Rare Opportunity to Reschedule Marijuana

President Obama has a rare opportunity to make history by rescheduling marijuana.

As it so happens, the DEA is currently deciding on a five-year-old petition to reschedule marijuana, supposedly in the first half of 2016. This decision coincides with some of the final months of the Obama administration. This coincidence makes it easy for the President to accomplish a major, desperately needed reform of federal marijuana law.

Marijuana has been mislabeled and demonized as a Schedule I drug for nearly half a century. In 1970 Richard Nixon wanted marijuana laws he could use to “tear the ass out” of hippies and anti Vietnam war protesters. He easily got what he wanted, when congress “temporarily” classified marijuana as a Schedule I drug, the worst of the worst, along with heroin. Cannabis was (and is) defined by Schedule I as having no medical value and being highly dangerous and addictive,...

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