Cayman Islands: Civil Servants to Get Bonus, CIG to Import Cannabis Oil

There were not many surprises in the premier’s Budget Statement delivered in the Legislative Assembly on Monday morning but the PPM leader announced two unexpected and unrelated items that will be welcomed by many. Alden McLaughlin said that all civil servants will receive a 2.2% one-off bonus payment in their June pay packets based on annual salaries, in addition to the pay reviews that are coming up this year. And in another surprise announcement, he revealed that government would soon begin importing cannabis oil to allow doctors to prescribe it as a medicine for certain diseases.

In a statement that had a campaign flavour to it, the premier made many references throughout to the manifesto commitments that had been fulfilled by his government and many more he planned to complete before the end of this term. Not unexpectedly, given that this annual spending plan will cover an election year, there...

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