Bermuda Cancer Patient: Not Using Medical Cannabis Deemed 'Insane'

A ten-year cancer survivor, who prefers to be identified only as patient X, supports the idea of cannabis decriminalisation in Bermuda.

Researching his cancer, which first announced itself with a haematoma that left him “ankle-deep in blood”, quickly became part of his daily routine.

“It scared the life out of me, but I put on a brave face, carried on with life, and then plunged into internet research,” the patient told The Royal Gazette.

“I had mental problems for the first couple of years. That isn’t unusual; many cancer patients get depressed.”

Teaching himself online offered new hopes. Among them were the promising applications of cannabis, as well as drugs derived from the plant.

However, the island’s failure to embrace one in particular — cannabidiol, which lacks the mind-altering qualities associated with cannabis — strikes patient X as “insane”.

Known as CBD, its medical potential ranges from the treatment of epilepsy...

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