UK: Banning ‘legal highs’ will make them just as hard to get as cannabis, insists government

Government plans to ban ‘legal highs’ will make them as hard to get hold of as cannabis, we can report today.

Cannabis has been nigh-impossible to source in the UK ever since it was criminalised in 1928, and the government plans to extend the law to include substances which people who cannot find a dealer have been resorting to.

People who attempt to buy weed illegally have been foiled at every step and drug advisory bodies are fully in support of this latest extension to the law, describing it as “sensible and easily enforceable.”

A government spokesman told us, “Criminalisation has resulted in the blight of cannabis vanishing from this country.”

“Gone are the days when drugs were easily available from any street corner, and a culture of abstinence now reigns across this great nation of ours.”

“Thanks to the resounding success of our drugs policy, it’s clearly time to...

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