The Simple Reason Behind Toronto's Marijuana Dispensary Crackdown

"Why did the chicken cross the road?" goes the old joke, with the obvious answer being, "to get to the other side." Sadly, not all of life's questions have such simple and obvious answers.

We recently learned that the mayor of Toronto, John Tory, sent a letter to the Licensing and Standards department asking them to "study and make recommendations" on regulating medicinal cannabis dispensaries in Toronto. This came just a day after Mayor Tory visited a dispensary himself to get a first hand look at the operation. 

So, why did the mayor visit and ask city officials to "study" this, and then immediately begin issuing warning letters from Licensing and Toronto Police ahead of any report -- all ahead of even letting the standards committee to weigh in on the issue? I wish the answer were simple.

We learned yesterday that Cannabis Canada, the trade association that represents...

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