Jason Pinsky is Fighting to Improve the Cannabis Landscape

Jason Pinsky is a passionate advocate for cannabis legislation in New York. His own personal struggle to overcome a dependency to OxyContin after spinal surgery 15-years ago thrusted him into the cannabis advocacy and legislation sphere.  He was instrumental in the 2014 legislation that legalized cannabis for a select few within the state, and now he wants to improve the program so that everyone who needs medical cannabis can get it.

A Brooklyn resident, Pinsky owns the popular BBQ restaurant Fette Sau. He also serves as CEO of Cannastract, a company that focuses on bringing science to cannabis extracts and concentrates.  CULTURE got a chance to interview Pinsky about  his goals for the future of cannabis in New York, and why he feels that this generation will finally shatter the myths and stereotypes that are blocking the way for cannabis legalization in America.

When did you first discover the medicinal benefits of...

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