Green Rush: Lawmakers Ease Residency Requirements for Cannabis Investors Heading West

Recent regulations in both Washington state and Oregon now allow out of state investors to fund and/or compete with local cannabis businesses.

Oregon and Washington recreational cannabis businesses will soon face greater pressure from outside competition as new regulations now allow out-of-state investors to fund and compete with local cannabis businesses. 

This new legislation lifts residency requirements enabling once banned out-of-state investors to participate-in and fund Oregon and Washington cannabis operations.

Meghan Walstatter owner of Pure Green Dispensary in Portland, Oregon said she used to favor residency requirements, but now she welcomes outside influence. 

“At first, I felt the requirements protected the local guys from the corporate machines, but I've come to realize that the opposite is true. New industries need capital to expand and limiting local business to in-state money only limits our ability to expand our industry.”

“This would be a huge disadvantage...

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