Colombia: For Lack of Quorum, Approval of Medical Marijuana Is Postponed

Although in the country no one was penalized, and a decree was signed in December regulated its use for medicinal purposes, only a law could protect the initiative.

The House of Representatives, for lack of a quorum, suspended the approval of the bill that would put the country at the same level of Chile, Puerto Rico and Uruguay on issues of use and consumption of marijuana for medicinal purposes.

Senator Juan Manuel Galan, speaker for the project, said that the law shall regulate the planting, cultivation and distribution of cannabis and medicinal products based on this plant.

With the lack of a quorum, it is pending to fill the gaps left in the decree approved by the Ministry of Interior in December 2015, as stipulated the conditions for issuing cultivation licenses, establish penalties for those who continue to illicit drug trafficking, and set tariffs for granting licenses.

The law will give the Ministry...

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