The Rise of the European Cannabis Social Club

As a European, it’s been exhilarating to watch how the cannabis industry is sweeping across the U.S. The new brands, technology, science, culture, and great products are awe-inspiring. As much as I would love things to follow the same path here in Europe, I just can’t help but feel that things are not going to.

A Winding Road

We do things differently in Europe; we take the winding road. The U.S. makes muscle cars that go very fast in a straight line, we make supercars that go very fast around corners. We have a mutual appreciation, but we appreciate a different approach. I could be wrong, but I struggle to visualise legal dispensaries popping up across European cities. Even the famous coffeeshops of Holland are struggling in the current political climate, which seems to be more focused on dealing with the perceived crisis we face from migrants from neighbouring war-torn countries...

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