South Carolina Legislators, Congress Should Back Medical Marijuana

Since she was 9 months old, my daughter, Mary Louise, has suffered from seizures — sometimes up to 200 an hour. Watching my daughter, now 8, suffer has led me — as a parent — to seek any treatment possible.

We have tried multiple medications, special diets, and seen specialists around the country. All of these treatments had been largely unsuccessful; however, upon learning of cannabis oil, and the success that other epileptic patients have experienced, we were filled with a new hope.

In 2014, we helped support a bill that ultimately was passed by the South Carolina General Assembly which allowed patients with severe epilepsy to access CBD oil for treatment.

Cannabis oil has helped Mary Louise with alertness, cognition, and verbalization, and we’ve even seen some decrease in her seizures.

We’re thankful for this, but two issues still impede her progress.

First, accessing her medication has been difficult....

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