Louisiana Medical Marijuana Ad Campaign Launched Ahead of Vote

A group that advocates for medical marijuana is ratcheting up pressure on Louisiana lawmakers by paying for billboards depicting sick children and their mothers who want the state to pass legislation that would allow access to the drug.

Sensible Marijuana Policy for Louisiana, a nonprofit group that was behind a medical marijuana bill filed by state Rep. Ted James, D-Baton Rouge, is planning a news conference Tuesday (May 10) to announce the billboards. Each ad will appear on digital billboards, one of them in Baton Rouge and the other in Shreveport.

The ads will feature the line, "Medical marijuana would help my child. Will our legislators?" Two Louisiana residents, Katie Corkern and her son Connor, and Brittany Osborne and daughter Kalie appear in the ads. Both children have conditions that their families believe should be treated with medical marijuana, which is legal in Louisiana but not dispensed or prescribed because of...

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