Why Vermont's Failed Bill Is Only A Bump On The Road To Legalization

 Despite what you've read in the news, marijuana legalization in Vermont isn't dead. Yes, the House defeated a Senate bill that would have legalized recreational marijuana use. But that setback hasn't derailed the movement. 

"Definitely the best is yet to come," Matt Simon - New England Political Director of the Marijuana Policy Project - told Civilized. "I hate losing but we're not losing. We're on the way to marijuana being legal across New England in the next two to three years."

Here's why Simon is so positive.

1. A flawed bill died

Don't confuse the defeat of a bill with the death of an issue, cautions Simon. "There are many in the House who support legalization in concept but were not willing to support the bill that was before them yesterday because it got crushed by committees."

The Senate also hampered support by excluding one important measure from the...

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