UK: Sale of 'Legal Highs' Will Be Outlawed in Three Weeks as Government Look to Stamp out Trade

Traders selling 'spice' will face seven-year prison sentences.

THE sale of synthetic cannabis is to be outlawed from the end of this month, it has been confirmed. 

It will be a criminal offence to sell the so-called “legal high”, which is said to be having a devastating impact on rough sleepers in Camden, from May 26 – with traders facing up to seven years in prison. 

But fears have been raised that the move will simply drive the trade further underground into the hands of criminal gangs. 

The Home Office informed ministers today that the Psychoactive Substance Act will come into force in 21 days. 

Camden Council has attempted to clamp down on the sale of synthetic cannabis – known to users as “spice” - using Trading Standards legislation, but it is still widely available and sold under the counter from several souvenir shops in Camden High Street. 

Police and...

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