Come at Me: In New England, One Door Opens After Another is Slammed Shut

Last week, this column was pretty pessimistic. Apologies, but when a state in my own beloved Northeast decides to put the kibosh on a law that would reduce the number of prisoners in their jails in and increase the amount of tax dollars in its coffers, it grates at the nerves. New Hampshire did it, and Vermont did too, but to the East, Maine has given New England a new hope for legalization. 

It was announced this week that cannabis legalization would be on the ballot this year as a good old-fashioned voter referendum. Though legislators declined the option to vote on the issue themselves, the Maine state government was more than willing to let the citizens decide. The Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol, the main lobbying group that made this referendum possible, submitted more than 60,000 extra signatures when they brought it before the powers that be, giving...

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