Growing a Cannabis Economy for Everyone

Much rationale — economic, scientific and societal — has already been given by many reasoned Vermont voices in support of the legalization and regulation of cannabis.

Over the past year, Vermonters have organized to form various coalitions, both organic and funding-enhanced. Public hearings have been held in every corner of the state, and have been attended by legislators. And those same legislators have dedicated time and effort to cannabis hearings at the Statehouse, presumably to build consensus and avoid the confused and combative scenario we face tomorrow.

At these open gatherings, the discussion centered around how to shape statewide majority approval (steady at over 55 percent for each of the last three years that Castleton has been conducting the poll) into an imperfect piece of legislation that would both incorporate common sense and open the door to greater cannabis reform.

It is clear that a majority of Vermonters support legalization....

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