Branstad Opens Door to Cannabis Oil Production in Iowa

Gov. Terry Branstad said Monday he’s open to the idea of medical cannabis oil being produced in Iowa, but he’s still focused on limiting “unintended consequences."

“If it’s just limited to the oil, that might be something that could be looked at,” he said. “I’ll keep an open mind. But again, there’s a lot different ideas and a lot of different proposals out there, and nothing reached a consensus point during this last session.”

The 2016 legislative session ended last week with lawmakers unable to advance legislation expanding access to cannabis oil, despite an apparent willingness from both Republicans and Democrats to address the issue.

Currently, it’s legal for Iowans with epilepsy to use cannabis oil, but there is no lawful way for them to obtain it. No facilities in Iowa produce the oil, and it’s illegal to transport it across state lines.

Parents of children with severe epilepsy and other...

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