Caribbean: The Cannabis Movement in St. Lucia Is Demanding Radical Change

Protestors, including members of the Rastafarian community, are stepping up calls for the decriminalization of weed.

Cannabis activists in Saint Lucia want the government to decriminalize the drug.

There is a growing movement for cannabis legalization in the Caribbean, and over the weekend proponents of the drug took to the streets and demanded their government modernize its approach to drug policy by recognizing the medicinal and religious value of marijuana.

Organizers of the Cannabis March in the southern town of Soufriere say there has been far too much talk and no action on the issue.

“We want the government to look at a change in the laws more seriously. We’d love it to be a political issue,” said Andre Decaires, former president of the so-called Cannabis Movement. He says decriminalization is a good first step toward the eventual legislation of the drug.

“I am hoping that we can open a really...

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