Cannabis Researchers Are Sick Of Uncle Sam’s Weak Weed

Cannabis researchers in the United States are forced to conduct their studies using weed grown by the federal government. And many of them have said that Uncle Sam isn’t giving them what they need. If a scientist in the U.S. wants to do an official study of cannabis the only way to legally get the weed they need is to get it from the federal government’s supply.

Since 1968 the U.S. government has contracted with the University of Mississippi to grow for cannabis researchers.

Critics of the system have long argued that Ole Miss has basically been given a monopoly as the government’s only supplier of legal cannabis.

As a result, cannabis researchers face some serious limitations when it comes to the varieties of weed they can get their hands on. And these limitations could make it hard for scientists to do thorough studies of marijuana’s health benefits.

The National Institute...

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