Bulgaria: Protesters in Sofia Demand Legalisation of Cannabis]

The participants in a procession held in the centre of the Bulgarian capital on Sunday demanded the legalisation of cannabis.

Among the main demands of the protesters are: allowing the medical use of cannabis, decriminalising the possession and cultivation of cannabis for personal use, allowing and regulating the growth and procession of all products from industrial cannabis.

Organisers remind that this is one of the fastest developing industries in the world, in which Bulgaria used to be a regional leader some hundred years ago.

Protesters are in favour of allowing patients to undergo treatment with medical cannabis.

According to the organisers of the protest, the legalisation of cannabis will make schools safer and the use of the drug among teenagers will decrease.

Among the organisers are associations such as Liberty 420, Decriminalisation of cannabis, Patients' association Restart, Bulgarian association for industrial cannabis as well as several smaller parties.

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