Colombia's Big Plans for Medical Marijuana Will Negatively Impact Mom & Pop Growers

The store front of Ganja Farm in downtown Bogotá is small and nondescript, but the pungent smell on approach is unmistakable. A quick glance through the barred front door reveals a network of metallic ductwork. It does not reveal the marijuana plants the company grows, or the lab where they turn them into health products.

Inside a cozy little office, an elderly man in his work clothes that are splattered with dry paint, sits talking to Camilo Andrés Cruz, one of the founders of Ganja Farm. Cruz puts a small canister of green cannabis-infused ointment for his client's arthritis in a cloth bag and sees him on his way.

"We don't want to sell the company to other people," Cruz says later. "We love this."

The fear of having to close up shop is rooted in the decree signed last December by President Juan Manuel Santos that opens the way...

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