Riding the green rush: cannabis industry entrepreneurs and ever-changing regulations

The breakneck speed at which new industries can now emerge makes it an exhilarating time to be an entrepreneur. It also makes it a pretty difficult time to be one of the people charged with regulating these industries, with billion dollar businesses seemingly cropping up overnight and few rules for them to follow...

Whether it’s Tesla’s legal battle against the franchise system, Airbnb’s constant trips to court or Uber’s well-publicised lawsuits – doing business in a new industry is rarely straightforward. But one sector which comes with arguably more hurdles than electric vehicles and the sharing economy combined is America’s cannabis industry.

An industry in its infancy

Despite being a practice still in its infancy, and one that remains illegal at federal level, selling cannabis and cannabis related products is already very big business, with almost a billion dollars’ worth of sales taken in Colorado alone last year....

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