The Shake: California Could Test Drivers for Cannabis, and Has Vermont Legalization Hit a Wall?

Is Vermont’s push to legalize losing steam? Earlier this year, the state was poised to become the first in the U.S. to legalize cannabis for adult use by an act of the Legislature, rather than a ballot initiative. But after the Senate approved the legalization bill and it landed in the House, the chair of a key panel announced she’s starting over from scratch. House Judiciary Committee Chairwoman Maxine Grad (D-Moretown) indicated that instead of supporting a legal, regulated market, she thinks the state should simply decriminalize home cultivation. The upshot, writes Marijuana Majority founder Tom Angell: Advocates may be forced to choose between legal markets without homegrow and limited homegrow with no legal sales. Bureaucratic deadlines are already getting in the way, Angell writes: “Unless the House is willing to adopt the Senate bill or something close to it, it’s unclear at this point if anything will cross...

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