Colombia Joins Countries From Mexico to Chile for Legalization on Marijuana

While a 1986 law allowed for the manufacture, export, sale and medical and scientific use of marijuana, the practice was, until Tuesday, never formally regulated.Current law already allows possession of up to 20 grams of marijuana or cultivation of up to 20 marijuana plants for personal use.

Colombia joins countries from Mexico to Chile for legalization on marijuana

With the new rules, Colombia joins countries from Mexico to Chile that have experimented with legalization or decriminalization as part of a wave of changing attitudes toward drug use and policies to combat it in Latin America.The proponents of medical marijuana claim that up to 400,000 Colombian citizens can use cannabis products to treat symptoms of epilepsy and other illnesses.

Federally licensed medical marijuana production and distribution is presently permitted in Canada, Israel, and the Netherlands.

Colombia has legalized the use of medical marijuana. The South American country stated that it has...

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