Marijuana and the law in Kuwait

In the past ten years or so, more and more countries are leaning towards legalizing or have legalized the personal use of the drug widely known as marijuana. Even more countries have moved towards decriminalizing the drug.

Decriminalizing, in simple terms, means that there aren’t any criminal consequences for those that use the drug. But the use of the drug remains illegal. At least eight major countries have legalized marijuana and there are 36 other countries where marijuana is either decriminalized, tolerated or the law is ‘unenforceable.’

Since this is a legal column, I will refrain from mentioning my personal beliefs towards the use of ‘soft’ drugs such as marijuana and the legal trends that we have been seeing mostly from western countries in the past decade. But I think it is necessary for me to mention that not all legal trends from progressive countries are necessarily right or better...

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