Kansas lawmakers to consider marijuana, medical hemp bills

Kansas Democratic Rep. John Wilson never thought he’d take up marijuana as a legislative cause, but the struggles of a family in his district to get medical hemp preparations to treat their son’s seizures changed his mind.

Wilson, of Lawrence, is pushing for a House measure that would allow medical hemp to treat seizures. Another pending bill would reduce the penalties for first- and second-time marijuana possession. House-Senate conference committees will continue working on the bills when the Legislature returns April 27 to finish its work for the year.

Sixteen states allow the use of oil from a cannabis plant that is low in THC and high in the non-psychoactive ingredient CBD, Wilson said. His constituents moved to Colorado to legally give their son CBD oil to alleviate his seizures, which Wilson said could be avoided.

“If you want to move to Colorado because there’s mountains and skiing, that’s one...

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