Vancouver Gives Marijuana Dispensaries New Deadline of April 29 to Come Onside or Close Their Doors

Vancouver marijuana dispensaries have a few extra days grace before an official deadline to close.

The city originally told business owners that any storefront not moving through the regulatory process was to cease operations by April 20. Now, that date as it appears on a city website has been updated to read April 29.

In a telephone interview, Andreea Toma, director of licensing and property-use inspections for the City of Vancouver, told the Straight the change is not an extension, “per se”.

“The deadlines are specific to when a six-month count starts,” she explained. “It depends on when they were notified.”

Toma added that while many dispensaries therefore have slightly different deadlines, the absolute date by which the very last of them should close is the end of the last Friday of April.

Vancouver became the first jurisdiction in Canada to adopt a regulatory framework for the over-the-counter sale of cannabis when city...

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