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Iowa Needs Medical Cannabis Law That Works

In 2014 the Iowa Legislature passed a bill allowing patients with intractable epilepsy to possess cannabis oil. This bill was a good first step, but this law will expire in June 2017 and has helped fewer than 100 individuals. Having a law that helps only 1 percent of the population it was intended for is a strong indication that the law is broken and needs fixed.

In 2015 the Iowa Senate passed a bill to expand the law to include additional medical conditions and would allow for the production and distribution of medical cannabis in Iowa. The bill was carefully written and would have been one of the strictest programs in the country. It was sent to Rep. Clel Baudler’s Public Safety Committee in the House where he announced it “dead on arrival.” Then Speaker Kraig Paulsen could have allowed the bill to come up for a vote on the floor, but he chose...

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