Vermont Marijuana Legalization 2016: Bernie Sanders' State Legislature May Make Weed Legal

Democratic hopeful Bernie Sanders' home state of Vermont may become the first state to use legislation to legalize marijuana recreationally without voter initiative if state legislators pass the bill, according to Reuters. In February, the state Senate passed a bill that would legalize recreational marijuana for those over 21 years old starting in 2018, but also ban people from growing plants and selling edibles.

The creation of the bill follows a year of convincing hearings in the Senate about marijuana, and its decision needs to be made before May, Reuters reported. However, having marijuana legalization in the hands of lawmakers would expedite the process, compared to voters'.

"It makes for a much more thoughtful and measured approach," State Sen. Jeanette White, a bill sponsor, told Reuters. "We got to work out the details, we got to ask the questions first and put the whole infrastructure in place before it happens." 

Democratic hopeful Bernie Sanders' home state of Vermont may become...

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