Alberta liquor stores ponder selling marijuana alongside alcohol

After Joe Ceci told a roomful of rural politicians that Alberta's liquor stores could sell pot if was ever legalized by the federal government, the provincial finance minister quickly had to clarify that his comment was a joke.

But as it turns out, Ceci wasn't that far off the mark.

Members of the Alberta Liquor Store Association are currently doing a survey on the idea of selling marijuana in stores.

"We're going to our membership to see first of all, is this a good fit for our stores?" said association president Ivonne Martinez. 

"Do you think we can do the selling of this controlled substance in a responsible way, much like we do with liquor products? Just to get a sense from them whether this brings any concerns in terms of social responsibility."

Alberta is the only province with a fully privatized liquor store retail system, which means that the way it handles selling marijuana in-store — should that end up...

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